Structural Adhesive


Structrual Adhesive

HYLO®BOND M511 is a toughened, two component acrylic adhesive designed for bonding a wide range of substrates. This structural methacrylate adhesive has superior peel, shear and compressive properties. HYLO®BOND M511 displays high toughness and can be used on gaps up to 5mm. It has a gel time of approximately 5 minutes. The adhesive has excellent fatigue and weathering resistance.

Mix ratio 10:1, cured tensile strength 25 N/mm²


Pack size – 50ml


The surface to be bonded can have a great impact on the cured properties of Hylobond. Care must be taken to ensure that all traces of oil, grease and dirt are removed from the substrate. This can be done with a degreasing agent or solvent such as acetone. Abrading or etching the surface can greatly improve the adhesion of the bonded joint, if this is done a second degreasing process is highly recommended.

Prior to dispensing it is important to extrude a bead of about 5cm in length. This is to ensure that both components are being extruded at the same rate. The product should be used immediately to prevent curing in the nozzle. Enough adhesive should be used to fill the bond gap before the parts are joined. Once the substrates are joined sufficient pressure should be applied (e.g. by clamping) to avoid dry bonding and prevent movement in the joint. These processes must be completed before the geltime expires.

The optimal application temperature is about 20°C, the geltime and cure time will be affected at temperatures much higher or lower than this. The viscosity is also affected by temperature so to ensure a consistent extrusion rate and geltime the temperature should be kept constant.


  Adhesive Activator
Mixing Ratio (By Weight) 1 1
Mixing Ratio (By Volume) 1 1
Colour Cream Cream


 Geltime (@22°C) ≈5min
Cure Time (@22°C) 18 – 24min
Gap Filling ≤5mm
Colour Cream


Tensile Strength 25 N/mm2
Elongation 35%
Shear Strength (PVC) 20 N/mm2
Shear Strength (Aluminium) 23 N/mm2
Shear Strength (Steel) 20 N/mm2
Shear Strength (Acrylic) 22 N/mm2


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